softwareDoes the smooth operation of your business depend on human input and intervention?


We develop and implement highly automated software systems, which dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of your business operation and service delivery. Eliminating human error and automating time consuming tasks like data input, security and authorisation controls and inventory checking, results in a well oiled efficient business machine, which is easier to maintain and ultimately results in increased turnover and profitability.

Rather than designing a system to rely on expensive specialised hardware, we make use of the latest generic technology at our disposal to simplify and automate tasks, like using tablets for data capturing in the field, data transfer and communication via Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, and the cellular networks. The business administrative systems are made available online to provide controlled, yet unlimited accessibility to the business monitoring and control systems. We also like to refer to our solutions as PAPERLESS BUSINESS SYSTEMS.

We guarantee that the savings and increased turnover and profitability that you will receive as a result of implementing a system we develop for you, will pay for all our system development fees within 6 months of implementing our system. Once we commence with a project, we analyze and evaluate your business processes, usually on-site, and provide you with our recommended solution.