Website Owners and Webmasters

How to ensure that your
WordPress Website Security
is always up-to-date and passes the
Google security tests… with very little effort!

Website hacking is spreading like fire in a forest, especially now with more businesses going online during the Covid-19 pandemic. Wordfence reports up to 90,000 attacks on WordPress sites every minute!

This is alarmingly dangerous.

Website-attacks not only compromise your information but also all the data on your site, including your customer’s data. reports that almost 60% of small businesses, which are hacked, go bankrupt within 6 months.

Hacking can hurt your business in numerous other ways:

You or your customers can be victims of identity theft.
The speed of your website slows down.
Your website can completely crash.
Your company’s reputation can takes a big hit.
You can lose your customers.



I’ll show you how to easily ensure that your WordPress website is always secure and avoid falling victim to this disturbing hacking activity.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is my website software and security up-to-date?
Does my webmaster frequently send me a website health & security report?
Does my website pass the GOOGLE security tests?
Is my website being backed up daily?
Is my WordPress site security being MONITORED?
Do I have a firewall installed and is it up-to-date?

If you answered NO or I don’t know to any of the above – your website is at risk and you need The SAGO Report – Security And Google Optimisation Report for WordPress and Woocommerce.

THE SAGO Report is a WordPress plugin so anyone can install it in under a minute.
As the owner or administrator of your WordPress website, you automatically receive The SAGO Report (as often as you like – typically monthly), which shows you a simple and brief summary of your website security, including Google’s security test results, so that you can be assured that your webmaster is not neglecting your website security.
You or your webmaster will be notified early of any core security issues in the WordPress system allowing your webmaster to address these issues before the website security is compromised and before your Google rankings start dropping.
By the time you receive your monthly SAGO Report your webmaster will most likely already have fixed any issues because their efficiency is represented by The SAGO Report.
Security vulnerabilities and errors are reported by The SAGO Report and by Google, not by the webmaster, which guarantees transparency.
Simple, easy to understand PDF report ->
Set monthly dates to automatically receive the report by email.
Separate report emailing to webmaster and website owner.
Also checks website HTTPS (security certificate) , firewall, anti-spam, mobile-device compatability and lots more.


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I know you are going to absolutely love the amazing value and the peace-of-mind that you get from having The SAGO Report installed. As long as The SAGO Report is running, you will always be informed as to the status of you websites security. This is why I’m happy to give you my 30 day 100% money back guarantee!

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