Web Maintenance Plan 2

In the beginning there were thousands of web designers, some were relatives, some were friends, some did not have the staying power, and some just simply let you down and now your website is as competitive as last months news. At GNet Web we recognise the importance of up to date websites and offering you fast, efficient and hassle free service, to ensure that your online presence is always as effective as it should be. Regardless of where you had your website designed we are happy to assist you in whatever way necessary to manage and optimise your online presence. To date we have yet to be presented with a website problem that we cannot solve fast and efficiently.

“I guarantee that you will be very happy with my team’s work. We require a 30% deposit to begin working, and the balance is only due once the job is complete and you are completely happy. – Graeme Greyling – Owner

WordPress is so popular, it is targeted by many hackers who want to get into your website and break it, steal your information or simply to be malicious. Many WordPress Plugins and Themes have built-in malicious code, which can make your website vulnerable and even corrupt it amusing it to go offline and be flagged by Google. WordPress itself requires frequent updates in order to be protected against Hackers. That is why your WordPress website must be up to date, with the latest versions of Plugins, Themes and most importantly WordPress itself. All our maintenance plans take care of this. Google search is the way most business websites are found, and with the regular updates and changes Google makes to their system, it is important to keep up with the times to ensure that your website is found on Google searches.

We provide website maintenance either ad-hoc or as monthly maintenance plans. A maintenance plan allows you to simply email or call us with your request and your website will be updated within a matter of hours. This is what we do and we can do a lot of website work in an hour resulting in us being able to offer a load of work at very reasonable rates. We strive to make our website maintenance the most efficient and most cost effective website maintenance solution available, so that we both benefit on many levels. See our reviews from our customers many of whom have been with us for over 10 years. Website Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions


Ad-hoc updates from R297 per hour or choose a maintenance plan below:



Maintenance, Updates & Support

Maximum Response Time* 3hours 2hours 1hours 1hours
Service request per month 2 3 4 6
Real Local Telephone Support check check check check
Real Local Email Support check check check check
Website SECURITY Updates check check check check
Free website & email hosting** check check check check
Free website & domain Transfer** check check check check
Comprehensive Website Stats** check check check check
Monthly Website Backup** check check check check

All GOOGLE services are supplied upfront with all new accounts.

GOOGLE VERIFICATION Biannually Biannually Biannually Biannually
GOOGLE COMPLIANCE report Biannually Biannually Biannually Biannually
GOOGLE MOBILE compliance report Biannually Biannually Biannually Biannually


Custom Social Media Strategy Report close close check check
Facebook business page setup check check check check
Twitter page setup check check check check
LinkedIN business page setup check check check check


Base SEO close close check check
GOOGLE Page 1 Search Results from R1,900 pm POA POA POA POA


How long does it take to update my website?

Fast, efficient service is what we are known for, in most cases basic updates will be completed and available online with only a few hours of your request.

What defines a specific update request?

A specific update request is applicable to a single designated area or page of your website. In some cases if a service request exceeds your plan capabilities we will supply you with options and the additional charges that would be required to fulfill the request.

Is web hosting and domain support included in my plan?

Yes, managed web hosting and domain support are included with our service plans.

Is there any guarantee or warranty for my website?

Yes, we promise to provide you with adequate service until you are satisfied completely.

How do I get listed within the search engines?

Our Basic search engine optimization (SEO) package is included with all websites we build. If we did not build your website, then we can implement our Basic SEO into your website for a small fee. View our SEO Services here. and with all of our website creationservices plans.

Should you wish to gets high GOOGLE search rankings and generate more website traffic, then our Intensive SEO Package is reccomended. Click here to view.

I have special features in mind to enhance my website, can special functionality be added to my site?

We specialise in custom programming and encourage special functionality at any time. Since all special functionality is tailored to your specific requirements, we will offer options based on the most efficient route to achieve the end-goal by balancing your needs with special pricing.

What is website & domain transfer?

This is when you wish to move your website from an existing hosting provider to us. We will transfer your website and email services to our stable with zero downtime or interruption in service. Although we are able to offer our services regardless of where your website is hosted, we do prefer to host it ourselves so that we can guarantee fast efficient service without ever needing to rely on a third party.

What if I do not yet have a Facebook page?

We can create one for you for free using one of your maintenance plan service requests or you can pay for it once off. Cost R440