WebCare Website Management

My team of web specialists will monitor your website’s health & security throughout the month and ensure that it is always healthy and secure.

We perform various website maintenance tasks as required, such as WordPress core software updates,  plugin updates, security patches, security certificate checks, backups, firewall and anti-spam checks to name a few. Our goal is to keeping your website secure, healthy and in perfect working order 24/7/365. All supervised by me personally.

“Graeme Grey – Owner”


If your website fails we will fix it for free!

Whilst subscribed to our WebCare service

Modern websites require regular maintenance in order to remain secure, function fast & effectively and to remain in good standing with Google.

Standard WordPress websites are extremely vulnerable to hackers who plant malware & viruses into your website in order for them to benefit in some way. This injected code could do something small and unnoticeable like redirect visitors to another website or use your website to send spam or it could do something more serious like copy your customer info or take down your website and hold you randsom.

Hacked websites are expensive to repair, so we focus on preventative maintenance, which not only avoids failures and the resulting negative reputation to your company but also ensures that your website is always fast and efficient.

Never worry about your website again.

We will take care of it.

From only R385 per month

and that includes hosting! *

We will transfer you hosting account to our superior servers with zero downtime and at no cost! **



Discount is accumulative so your subscription can soon be free

We take care of all the important technical stuff, like

    • Ongoing website monitoring
    • Security strengthening to avoid malware and viruses
    • Software updates
    • Software error repairs
    • Anti-spam implementation

  • Website security certificate (https)
  • Firewall setup, monitoring and updates
  • Daily backups
  • PHP compatibility
  • Submissions to Google
  • Monthly reporting

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Value Added Services:

  • Free hosting: WebCare subscriptions include our G3 hosting plan (R90pm) for free when we host your website on our superior servers.
  • Free transfers: We will transfer your website and all your email to our superior hosting servers at no cost and with zero downtime when you subscribe to our WebCare service. This allows us to offer a more effective service because we pride ourselves with our superior servers and our efficient service.